Borvala was a male Zakdorn agent of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations in the 24th century.

On November 27, 2364, Borvala was at the soon to be completed DTI research annex on Vandor IV, along with his partner Agent Gariff Lucsly, Doctor T'Viss, Doctor Naadri of the Paraagan Science Council and Doctor Paul Manheim. Borvala had been appointed to directly supervise Doctor Manheim's research into the mysterious dynamic energy source at Vandor IV's core.

When Marion Dulmur confronted Manheim over losing his job due to the effects of the doctor's accidentally created temporal distortions, he was questioned by Lucsly, eventually asking to sign up to the DTI. Borvala agreed to Dulmur's admission to the department, pleased that Lucsly would have a partner he approved of so that he could take a desk job. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)


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