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[[File:Rionoj.jpg|thumb|220px|Rionoj, a female Boslic.]]
'''The Boslic''' are a [[humanoid]] species hailing from the world of [[Cort]]. At least some Boslic have purple hair. Bowing your head is a sign of respect in the Boslic culture.
The '''Boslics''' are a [[humanoid]] [[civilization]] hailing from the [[planet|world]] of [[Cort]], known for their fork-shaped forehead ridges. Bright purple is a common [[hair]] color among Boslics.
Bowing your head is a sign of respect in the Boslic culture. ({{n|ST|sub={{st|The Lost Era}}|Serpents Among the Ruins}})
([[Star Trek: The Lost Era|''TLE'']] [[novel]]: ''[[Serpents Among the Ruins]]'')
The Boslics had a game similar to the [[Royal Game of Ur]] and the [[Kelpien]] game [[Kaasad]]. ({{n|DSC|Fear Itself}})
The Boslics were [[warp drive|warp]] capable as early as the [[2150s]]. ({{e|ENT|{{ed|Borderland}}}})
Their military was the [[Boslic Interstellar Force]]. ({{n|ST|sub={{st|The Lost Era}}|One Constant Star}})
== List of Boslic ==
*[[Xintal Linojj]]
The [[Romulan]]s conquered the Boslics in the 23rd century and occupied their homeworld Cort for ten years before the Boslics could force them out. ({{n|ST|sub={{st|Typhon Pact}}|Plagues of Night}})
By the [[2370s]] [[decade]], several Boslics [[captain]]ed and worked on [[freighter]]s, some more shady than others. [[Rionoj]], an associate of [[Quark]], operated a ship out of [[Deep Space 9]] and also traveled to the [[Cardassia system]] and the [[Gamma Quadrant]] in the 2370s. ({{e|DS9|The Homecoming|{{ed|The Abandoned}}|Broken Link}})
[[Tilikia]] was another Boslic who operated a ship out of Deep Space 9. While attempting to [[smuggling|smuggle]] a container in [[2372]], he was confronted by [[kurn, son of Mogh|Kurn]]. Tilikia fired a [[weapon]] on the [[Klingon]]. ({{e|DS9|Sons of Mogh}})
A Boslic freighter detected a [[Borg]] power signature in [[2377]] and informed [[Starfleet]]. ({{eb|SCE|The Light}})
In [[2382]], the Boslic [[Triumvirate of Cort]] held a summit between the [[Khitomer Accords]] powers and the [[Typhon Pact]]. ({{n|ST|sub={{st|Typhon Pact}}|Plagues of Night}})
==Known Boslics==
* [[Jaheel]]
* [[Ellec Krotine]]
* [[Xintal Linojj]]
* [[Rionoj]]
* [[Tilikia]]
* [[unnamed Boslics]]
==External link==
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