Ceti Alpha V

Planetary map of Ceti Alpha V showing the location of Botany Bay colony.

The Botany Bay colony was an Augment settlement on the planet of Ceti Alpha V from 2267 to 2285. The colony was established after Captain James T. Kirk had decided to leave Khan Noonien Singh and his followers on the planet after their attempt to seize control of the USS Enterprise.

The Botany Bay colony was situated in the northern hemisphere, on the edge of a vast expanse of prairie land. Khan and his followers had chosen the location due to the herds of "Ceti bison" which roamed the landscape. The Augments intended to the use the animal as a food source as they established their colony. Unfortunately for the colonists, six months after arriving on the planet, its neighbor, Ceti Alpha VI, exploded which then changed the orbit and axis tilt of Ceti Alpha V. The planet went from being class M to class K and all life died save for the colonists and one native animal, the Ceti eel.

After the explosion, the Augment colonists were forced to convert the cargo holds of the SS Botany Bay, their ship, into living quarters. The colonists were able to survive through mining the area for sources of fresh water and constructing their own hydroponic gardens. The colony would remain cut off from outside contact until the arrival of the USS Reliant in 2285. The Reliant was seeking a test planet for the newly developed Genesis Device and mistook Ceti Alpha V for Ceti Alpha VI. (TOS episode: "Space Seed"; TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Wrath of Khan; Decipher RPG module: Worlds)



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