Boukenshin (or Adventurous Spirit) was the fifth anthology in TokyoPop's series of Star Trek manga comics, published in 2009. It is the first of an announced series of Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Manga.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

From the back of the book
TNG Goes Manga! Untold stories from one of the most renowned science fiction franchises in history, interpreted through Japanese-style sequential art, truly takes the crew of the USS Enterprise where they've never gone before!
Changeling: Accompanying the away team to the mysterious "Labyrinth of Wisdom," Ensign Wesley Crusher receives a most unexpected lesson in what it means to have compassion for – and an appreciation of – his peers.
Sensation: Responding to a distress call from an archaeological expedition, Dr. Crusher encounters a debilitating contagion that defies the laws of medicine – and may soon spell the end of the crew of The Enterprise.
The Picardian Knot: Suffering from a lack of emotion after his contact with the Vulcan Sarek, there seems to be no cure for Capt. Picard's ennui – except possibly the inexplicable puzzle left behind by an unwanted Romulan visitor.
Loyalty: When Starfleet Command expresses their concern over Picard's brush with the Borg, Commander Will Riker will have his devotion to his captain put to the ultimate test – possibly at the cost of his own career.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Writer: David Gerrold
Artist: E.J. Su
Writer: Diane Duane
Artist: Chrissy Delk
Writer: Christine Boylan
Artist: Don Hudson
Writer: F.J. DeSanto
Artist: Bettina Kurkoski

Appendices[edit | edit source]

  • This book was originally announced for a release in October 2008, but was delayed until early the following year.
  • The first 28 pages of "Sensation" were published as a preview in the TOS manga omnibus Star Trek: The Manga - Ultimate Edition.
  • Boukenshin: "Adventurous Spirit…" was printed opposite the table of contents.

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