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Jonathan ArcherBillyC. Black (?) • D'NeshAlex GaetaHarrad-SarHaynemKelbyMarasTravis MayweatherNavaarPhloxMalcolm ReedR. RyanHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker IIIDuncan K. Walsh (?) • Warren Woodsunnamed Orions
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Erika HernandezKeeley

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Enterprise (NX-class) • Devna-Lev (Maraar-class)
Referenced only 
Columbia (NX-class) • ECS Horizon

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Berengaria VII

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Referenced only 

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Gorn HegemonyOrion Syndicate

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adrenalinecommunicatordecontamination chamberdragonEPS conduitmagnesitemeridorminingClass MOrion slave girlOrion tapestrypheromonepositron

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In a Mirror, Darkly
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