For other uses, see Bounty.

In an alternate timeline, the Bounty was an independent freighter operating in the late 23rd century and commanded by James T. Kirk.

When Yeoman J. Mia Colt disappeared in 2254, Kirk was assigned to the USS Enterprise to replace her as Captain Christopher Pike's yeoman. He eventually quit Starfleet and later became the captain of the Bounty, with an exotic crew and Montgomery Scott as his chief engineer. When Colt reappeared in 2293, she was chased by Starfleet Security into the arms of Kirk. After sharing each other's stories, Kirk and the crew of the Bounty worked with the crews of the USS Enterprise-A and USS Excelsior to return Colt to her own time, thus setting the timeline on a new course. (EV comics: "Futures, Part One", "Future Tense", "Futures", "Now and Then")

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