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The infamous bounty hunter Sweeney in 2287

A bounty hunter was a person who hunted targets (usually criminals or fugitives) for a bounty (reward money).

Newly promoted Fleet captain, Christopher Pike had encountered the Orion slave girl/assassin/bounty hunter Leata on the planetoid Babel in 2264. The two unusual partners worked together to uncover the criminal activities from the Tellarite deligate Muso. (ST - Alien Spotlight comic: "Orions")

In February, 2268 the Nausicaan bounty hunter Kajek had been hired by the Orion Merchant-Prince Ganz to track down his missing business manager the Nalori, Zett Nilric. Kajek had tracked down Zett's ship on the planet of Zeta Aurigae IV. Ganz confirmed that the ship was Zett's, but now it was under control of Cervantes Quinn and Bridget McLellan. Wanting to avenge his right-hand man, Ganz hired Kajek to kill Quinn but not McLellan. Kajek had tracked down the two humans to the Gorn controlled world of Seudath. There Kajek ambushed Quinn in the city of Tzoryp and gave chase. Quinn was able to subdue Kajek on a building rooftop. Instead of killing Kajek, Quinn told the bounty hunter that he had killed Zett when the Nalorian had attacked him on Golmira in a personal vendetta. Quinn kept Kajek alive in order to tell his boss, Ganz, that it wasn't personal. Ganz believed the message and instructed Kajek to return to the Omari-Ekon. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

The bounty hunter Sweeney decided to hunt down Captain James T. Kirk in 2287 after a bounty had been placed on Kirk's head. The price was high enough that Kirk surrendered to Federation authorities. (TOS comic: "Going, Going...")

Gwyn and Tev were bounty hunters. (DS9 comic: "Hearts of Old")

In 2375, a race of bounty hunters, the Hazari, were hired by Kurros and the think tank to capture the USS Voyager in order to force Seven of Nine to join them. However, when their deception was revealed, the Hazari then attacked the think tank to take them as their bounty. (VOY episode: "Think Tank")

The bounty hunters Grauq, Jonu and Savonigar were members of Iliana Ghemor's criminal enclave on the Cardassian world of Harkoum. In early 2377, Grauq unsuccessfully hunted the alternate Iliana Ghemor when they were both on Harkoum. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

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