Bovrille was a Human male, a Hollywood movie director in the 20th century. Captain James T. Kirk appeared in at least one of his films.

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Prior to 1955, Bovrille was the director of the film Trail of the Mohicans, which may have featured Native American stunts.

In 1955, Bovrille was directing an ancient Roman movie shot on location in southern California. He employed a cameraman named Zoltan and an assistant who called him B.B. One scene in the film featured a chariot battle in which one person sliced the reins of the other's horses, flinging the chariot over a gorge. The stunt would be performed live by a stuntman using hidden rockets to safely propel the chariot over the obstacle. The rockets were designed by Andres, whom Bovrille praised as an amazing special effects man. Andres was actually an undercover time traveler from the 23rd century. James T. Kirk posed as a stuntman while searching for Andres and ended up having to perform the dangerous stunt on film.

Afterward, Kirk confronted Andres, who fled in a chariot, and they ended up in a chariot chase along a California highway weaving their way around passing automobiles. Bovrille and Zoltan pursued them in a pickup truck with a large movie camera in the back, filming the entire chase. Zoltan insisted that they'd figure out some way to use the footage, "even if it killed 20 writers." (TOS comic: "A Bomb in Time")


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