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Bozeman site

Terrain map of the Zefram Cochrane memorial site near Bozeman, Montana on Earth in 2409.

Bozeman was a city on Earth, located in the U.S. state of Montana. The city, located in the southwestern area of the state, was the fifth largest city in Montana. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact, ST short story: "The Immortality Blues", ENT episodes: "Carbon Creek", "Desert Crossing")

History and specificsEdit

Prior to World War III, engineer Doctor Lily Sloane resided in Bozeman and had befriended an elderly Mestral. When the war began, Mestral and a young scientist he met, Zefram Cochrane, traveled the distance from Boston, Massachusetts to Bozeman, Montana to partner with Sloane and build Cochrane's prototype warp engine. (ENT short story: "Mestral")

On May 6, 2053, Sloane and Cochrane witnessed the disappearance of the O'Neil-style habitats in Earth's atmosphere. (TLE novel: The Sundered)

Doctors Cochrane and Sloane and their team claimed as missile silo for Titan V rockets for their project. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

Cochrane launched the Phoenix - the first Human warp capable space vessel - from the complex near Bozeman on April 4, 2063. The warp flight was observed by the Vulcan explorer Solkar and his crew aboard the T'Plana-Hath when they passed through Sol system. They diverted course and landed in Bozeman. The complex thus became the site of the official first contact between Humans and extraterrestrial on April 5. Subsequently, the complex later became a park and historical site, with a statue of Cochrane placed on the grounds. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact; ST short story: "The Immortality Blues"; ENT episodes: "Carbon Creek", "Desert Crossing")

The Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets honored the city by giving its name to two starships, Soyuz-class cutter USS Bozeman (NCC-1941) and destroyer USS Bozeman (NCC-1941-A). (TNG novel: Ship of the Line)

From 2409 onward, Federation President Aennik Okeg invited commanding officers of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance to visit the site of the Cochrane memorial and build a model replica of the Phoenix. (STO - "Season 12: Reckoning" mission: "First Contact Day Re-Enactment")

Alternate timelinesEdit

In an incident of time travel, the Borg Collective from 2373 attacked the silo from orbit, leading to the assimilation of Earth. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact)

In one permutation of the mirror universe, Zefram Cochrane flipped a coin and warned the Vulcans about the cybernetic aliens from the future. Their alliance became militaristic and spawned the Terran Empire. (TOS novel: Preserver)

In another permutation, Zefram Cochrane (mirror) shot Solkar, and the Terrans seized the T'Plana-Hath after it had landed in Bozeman, leading to their empire becoming interstellar. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly")


From the end of World War III, the area around the missile silo included a settlement made from ramshackle huts made of metal. The landscape was hilly and dominated by evergreen trees. A river with a small waterfall was in walking distance. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact)

This environment was largely intact by 2409. A rotund building, the visitor center, and several sheds had been positioned in vicinity of the Zefram Cochrane statue. For the First Contact Day re-enactment ceremony, piles of Phoenix replica hull pieces were placed in heaps of junk around the area. The area was plagued by small forest fires, and Talarian hook spiders nested in some of the junk piles and would attack when visitors disturbed their pile. (STO - "Season 12: Reckoning" mission: "First Contact Day Re-Enactment")



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