The Bozeman Titans vanity shield (long form: Baseball vanity shield - Bozeman Titans) was a Risian Hedony technology, a Baseball vanity shield array available for Allied starships and shuttlecraft in the early 25th century. This shield had been constructed to honor the famous baseball team Bozeman Titans. (STO - Rise of Discovery mission: "Welcome to Risa")


When the Dominion became increasingly involved again with galactic affairs in 2410, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance upped its reputation system limit to Tier 6. One of the technologies gained by AQA commanding officers by reaching Tier 6 reputation within the reputation was a dedicated vanity shield. (STO - Victory is Life mission: "Storm Clouds Gather")

During the next Lohlunat Festival, the Risians offered baseball-themed vanity shields to AQA vacationers, with each one representing a team in the Milky Way League. (STO - Rise of Discovery mission: "Welcome to Risa")

While having no offensive or defensive value, equipping this shield array overrode a vessel's hull material, giving the hull a black and yellow patterning to show of team pride. Where available, warp plasma and deflectors shone yellow, and the impulse engines left a yellow trail. (STO - Victory is Life mission: "Storm Clouds Gather")


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