Brad was a human male serving in the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd century. He served aboard the USS Endeavour in the science division and also served aboard the USS Enterprise.

History Edit

In 2265, Brad and his friends, Lieutenant Muller and an unnamed security ensign, were overheard talking about Captain Atish Khatami by the Endeavour's chief medical officer, Anthony Leone. Muller, as the main antagonist in the inflammatory conversation, eventually earned a punch in the jaw from Leone, knocking him unconscious. The doctor, in faux-concern, then asked how Brad and his friend felt concerning Muller's, possibly contagious, condition. The security officer said he felt great and looked at Brad who just nodded in agreement. (VAN novel: Summon the Thunder)

In 2266, Brad was part of a rescue team from the USS Enterprise that boarded an escape pod and aided a dying Zargotian. Brad helped move him so Leonard McCoy could examine him. (TOS comic: "Target: Zargot")

As a lieutenant later in the 2260s, he served as a Starfleet security officer assisting the Federation Security Agency. He was one of several officers serving to protect the Federation Council at the Federation Council Chambers on Earth during the 75th Annual Federation Conference. He allowed James T. Kirk and Spock to enter the chambers, after permission was granted from Admiral Voysey. However, they actually were Plixean tyrant Gokron and prime minister Chekra, who had copied the Starfleet officers' bodies and memories with identity transference equipment. (TOS comic: "To Rule the Universe")




  • The Brad who appeared in Summon the Thunder wasn't associated with the Brad in the two UK comic strips, but with no contradictory evidence, it has been assumed that they are the same person.


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