Lieutenant Bradford Wayne was a junior helmsman who served on the USS Enterprise for three years in the 2250s. He considered himself laid-back and for that reason disliked the "uptight" Spock.

One his best friends aboard ship was Crewman Daniels, who died. After the ship returned to spacedock, he retired from Starfleet and became the administrator of the Beta Cabrini Mining Colony. He encountered Spock again in 2268 when they combated a Merkaan invasion. (TOS novel: Legacy)

Exactly what three years Wayne served on the Enterprise are unclear, but we know they included 2254 (since he was there during "The Cage") and 2255 (since he was there for the flashback events of Legacy, stated to occur 1.5 years after Spock came on board and ten years before the main body of the novel (this latter date is impossible as it would yield 2258))
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