Brain Ray Robot

The Brain Ray Robot was a robot operational in the 2260s.

Background Edit

The robot's exterior shell was colored red. It was constructed with a circular head, torso, two clawed arms and tractor wheels at the base. It had unspecified telepathic abilities.

History Edit

In the 2260s, the Brain Ray Robot attacked Lieutenant Commander Spock at close range with some type of tightly focused telepathic transmission.

In 2266, Spock was captured by a terrorist on Fayo who gave Kirk three minutes to trade Spock's life for that of Prince Yano, son of Emperor Bavoda. Kirk had vowed never to negotiate with terrorists, prompting the chance that Spock would be killed. Memories flooded through his mind of Spock, including incidents with the Brain Ray Robot, Duanda and Asteroid Delta. (TOS comic: "Prince Traitor")

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