Bran Hendricks was a male human and captain of the United Earth Starfleet starship USS Slayton in the 2150s.


In 2159, Hendricks and the Slayton were sent to explore Wagner-219. However, they were then trapped in the anomaly for 47 days. On Stardate 2159.68, Hendricks sent out a distress signal. However, the Slayton 's Chief engineer, Jack Somers led a mutiny against Hendricks. Hendricks and the Slayton were then listed as missing by Starfleet. (SA - Starfleet Academy comic: "Issue 3")

Kelvin timelineEdit

In 2258 of the Kelvin timeline, Starfleet Academy Cadet Nyota Uhura picked up signal from the Slayton in Wagner-219. However she was ordered to stop her investigation by Admiral Alexander Marcus. (SA - Starfleet Academy comics: "Issues 1", "2", "3")

In 2261 , Cadet T'Laan learned of Wagner-219. During the Academy Centennial, Hendricks was then hailed by Starfleet Cadet Ship A-317. At first, Hendricks believed that he had been in the anomaly for 61 days, until Cadet Lucia Gonzales told them that it was one-hundred years later. He then met with the rest of the cadets. Working together, Hendricks, his crew and the cadets were able to escape Wagner-219's anomaly. They were then hailed by the USS Wilson, with Hendricks saying they were happy to see another starship. He then spoke with Chief Sommers, telling him that he kept them alive and that his log will reflect his actions. Hendricks, Sommers and the rest of the Slayton's crew were then at the Academy Centennial ceremony to celebrate their return and to decorate the cadets for their efforts.(SA - Starfleet Academy comics: "Issue 2", "4", "5")


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