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Brand was a warrior on a planet in Sector Vega 6 who opposed Chang.

Brand was originally a member of a peace movement during the Eugenics Wars. They left Earth in a sleeper ship in 1997 and traveled until the 23rd century, when their ship's sensors discovered a peaceful, quiet world inhabited by a pre-industrial society. The passengers quickly settled on the planet, where they were content with their new lives until Chang apparently acquired magic powers and conquered them.

In 2264, Brand learned of James T. Kirk's quest for the Sceptre of the Sun from one of Chang's guards, who was a spy for his band of warriors. They attacked Kirk's group, then told them of his people's history and his wish to use the Sceptre to overthrow Chang. They accompanied Kirk to the mountain where the Sceptre was located, where they helped distract the giant robot guardian while Spock disabled it. Brand and his men returned with Kirk to Chang's castle, where they fought and defeated the guards after Spock revealed that the sorcerer's "magic" was merely the ability to generate illusions. (TOS comic: "Sceptre of the Sun")

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