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Introduction (blurb)

After the catastrophic events of Wildfire, both Captain David Gold and Commander Sonya Gomez return to their homes, to take refuge in family in the wake of tragedy. But neither commanding officer nor first officer finds the road to recovery an easy one, as each confronts demons from the past and uncertainty about the future, leading to a bitter confrontation from which neither may ever truly recover....


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Carol AbramowitzK. E. BainNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiEdward DrewSusan DrewChrista DuffyJosé EstebanBart FaulwellCarlos FelicianoDavid GoldBelinda GomezLupe GomezSonya GomezVance HawkinsBenjamin KoglemanElizabeth LenseP8 BlueArlene RiveraMadeline RobinsWilliam RossRobin RusconiMontgomery ScottAnthony ShabalalaSitakSolomanFabian StevensSandy WetzelSongmin Wong
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Kara BainJil BarnakMairin ni BhroaninAlex ChhungJohn CopperElleth DeoStephen DrewAmy DuffyKieran DuffyClaire EddyEmmettDiego FelicianoMatt FranklinEsther FriesnerFrnatsNathan GoldIna MarKeith KowalAndrea LipinskiLoten YovreDavid McAllanLeonard McCoyMiles O'BrienOrthakSalekLian T'suMor glasch TevNorma J. WeilandElaine Welsh

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USS MjolnirUSS Roebling


AtreaBajorBerengaria VIIBetazedBolarusCanopusEarthLunaMcKinley StationPacificaSol systemStarbase 96Wadgira
BronxDublinGobi DesertGreeceHavanaJuneauMontrealPortland, OregonPuerto RicoPunta MulasSan FranciscoStarfleet HeadquartersSun Bay BeachVieques

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AlexanderBlancoColumbia UniversityFederation News ServiceFreserpar'Mach'kaispican flame gem


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