Brek chim Glamok was a male Tellarite who worked as a reporter for the Tellarite News Service. He had a reputation as a sensationalist and a risk taker.

In early 2380, Brek travelled to the Tzenkethi Coalition planet Kliradon, despite warnings against doing so. In February of that year, he went missing, and in March his editor, Phant, believed him captured by the Tzenkethi. Presidential Chief of Staff Esperanza Piñiero and Federation Secretary of the Exterior Safranski were alerted to his disappearance; however, no determination to his status could be made, and in October, he was formally declared missing and presumed dead.

Brek was in fact captured and imprisoned by the Tzenkethi, but released after nine months, in November, through the efforts of Tzenkethi Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets Emra and Tzelnira Zaarok. His release was in order to pass a request on to the Federation government to have Dr. Rebecca Emmanuelli perform a delicate surgical procedure on Zaarok's young son, Zormonk. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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