Lieutenant Commander Brexen Ijoula was a female Trill and the thirteenth host of the Ijoula symbiont. She served as chief engineer of the starship USS Incursion and was an expert in transporter and stasis technologies.

Despite Away Team stating Brexen was Ijoula's thirteenth host the games literature claimed the Ijoula symbiont had had more than twenty hosts.

Brexen was joined with Ijoula in 2372 shortly before she entered Starfleet Academy. Ijoula's long life has endowed her with a vast knowledge of planets and species (friend and foe).

In 2377 Chief Ijoula was abducted by the Borg who were hoping to use elements of her Trill biology to create a cure for the Warden nanite virus. After a brief period on a Borg cube Ijoula was rescued by an away team from the USS Incursion.

Some time later Ijoula was part of an away team who beamed onto a Borg cube to begin negations with the Borg to form an alliance to defeat the Warden threat. However upon the team's arrival on the cube a group of Warden controlled drones beamed Ijoula to another part of the vessel and held her captive and began to assimilate her. She was rescued shortly after by the rest of the away team but, whilst linked to the collective, she was able to discover the location of the main Warden base, intelligence which the Incursion crew used to defeat the Wardens. (ST video game: Away Team)

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