Brian Remy Pelletier was a 24th century Human man, an operations division crewmember serving on the Federation starship USS Voyager in the 2370s decade.


By the year 2376, he was assigned to the Voyager transporter room and held the the rank of ensign. Pelletier would become the transporter chief for the Hazard Team organized by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. During the Harvesters' attack on Voyager, Pelletier assisted Ensign Alexander Munro, Crewman Mitch Csatlos and Crewman Austin Chang to the weapons supply room. After Munro had been inside and exited, Pelletier warned Munro that the Harvesters were boarding and ran off towards the other end of the deck. While on the way there, he was injured when a bulkhead exploded, knocking him to the ground where he was attacked by the Harvesters. With Ensign Munro's help, he was able to get back to the weapons supply room and receive medical attention from the Doctor and Crewman Juliet Jurot. (VOY video game: Elite Force)



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