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USS Excalibur bridge.

USS Enterprise bridge.

The bridge is the command center of a navy vessel. The term originated on aquatic vessels, but is also commonly used to refer to the control area of spaceships.

Starfleet bridge[]

On Starfleet vessels, and many others, the bridge is traditionally located on deck 1, or the top deck of the ship. It is from the bridge that many captains issues most of their commands. The bridge would typically give access to engineering, gravity control, damage control, environmental engineering, sciences and library computer, and security as well as helm control.

On Starfleet vessels, the bridge is often a replaceable module. This increases the flexibility of the ship's performance and the useful lifespan of vessels. (TNG novel: Crossover). During shakedown trials of USS Enterprise the regular bridge module was not yet ready for placement. A customized bridge module was placed on the ship, which could be ejected should the ship experience a critical systems failure. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

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