Briefing room

An Intrepid-class briefing room

A briefing room is a dedicated area on a starship were the command staff can meet to discuss events and plan there responses.

Some starships classes have areas similar to briefing rooms with alternate designations:

  • Galaxy and Sovereign class starships have rooms known as observation or conference lounges that could be used as briefing rooms.
  • NX class ships have a situation room towards the rear of the bridge where a large display table and screens help the crew develop a plan of action.
  • Defiant class ships do not have a dedicated briefing room but do have a table area in the bridge like the NX class and can use the mess hall as a briefing room if necessary.
  • Space stations also had dedicated briefing areas. On Deep Space Nine this room was called the ward room, and was used for briefings and other station functions - such as receptions.

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