The Brigadoon class armed personnel carrier is a type of transport craft used by Federation colonies.

These vehicles were capable of transporting 15 individuals across hazardrous conditions to the frontline. They were crewed by a further two officers namely a pilot and a navigator. Due to its role, engineers designed these craft with the intention of protecting the crew which resulted in a strong chassis design. The Brigadoon is also a modular creation allowing it to be easily constructed as well as cheaply produced.

The base of the APC contains the anti-gravity drive as well as a tractor field arrangement. The roof of the vehicle possesses a Phaser turret as well as a sensor plus shield system. This allows the vehicle to protect itself during battle conditions effectively. It is common for these crafts to breach enemy defenses and deploy its cargo of security officers as well as engineers who would begin to secure the enemy installations. (ST video game: New Worlds)

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