This article is about the 25th century Orion cruiser class. You may be looking for the mirror universe Brigand-class fighter.

The Brigand-class was a type of cruiser fielded by the Orions in the early 25th century. It was used by both the Orion Syndicate and by Orion military forces under Klingon Defense Force command. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


Brigand-class ships were part of several Orion fleets that launched attacks on a number of Federation starbases in 2409. (STO mission: "Fleet Alert")

The fleet under the command of Hassan the Undying at Nimbus III also contained a number of these vessels. (STO mission: "The Undying")

Brigand-class starships were holographically duplicated in one version of Combat Simulation 347. (STO mission: "No Win Scenario")



Starship classes of the Orions
By name Brigand (cruiser)Corsair (flight-deck cruiser)DacoitDwarfstarHarmonyLightningMaraarMarauderSlavemasterSugaWandererWarbarge OrionEmblem-color
By type Orion corvetteOrion interceptorOrion marauderOrion pirate shipOrion raiderOrion scout shipOrion slaver
Mirror universe Brigand (mirror)Corsair (fighter)

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