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Publisher's description

From solicitations: IDW's Star Trek: Second Stage continues, as comics icon John Byrne unveils the first-ever Star Trek series of his decades-spanning career! The 1968 TV episode "Assignment Earth" had been the Season Two finale for the original Star Trek series, and was intended by Gene Roddenberry as the pilot for a spin-off series that never came to pass. Now, Byrne delivers the series 40 years after it would have debuted, recounting the adventures of interstellar agent Gary Seven and his Earth-born assistant as they covertly confront threats to the past so that they can save Star Trek's future. Byrne will both write and draw the series, which steps one year forward with each installment, beginning with 1968, the year that the spin-off series would have appeared.


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Bertrand CarliseChristopher DantonArchibald DumontAngela FranklinIsisIvanThorveldt JarrowJames T. KirkRoberta LincolnAmanda ParsonsGary SevenSmittySpockArthur TrumanChangming WengDiana Winters
Referenced only
AlbertsonJeffersonT. JonesF. MorrisJ. Robert OppenheimerJ. RamirezMontgomery ScottA. SimpsonS. StogaEdward TellerP. WalkerJohn Wayne

Starships and vehicles

Referenced only
USS Enterprise


AlbuquerqueChinaDelphi Centaurus VIEarthKoreaLondonMoscowNew MexicoNew York CityNew YorkPekingSan Lobos Atomic Research Facility

Races and cultures

Human (Russian) • Vulcan

States and organizations

Democratic PartyKBGNASANaziOrion MarketingPeople's ArmyRepublican PartySoviet UnionSwedish undergroundUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Corps of EngineersUnited States of America
Institutes of education
California Institute of TechnologyCambridge UniversityMITMao Tse-Tung People's Collective UniversityMidwestern UniversityNiels Bohr Teaching InstituteOxford UniversityPrinceton UniversityWilliam and Mary CollegeYale University

Science and technology

Apollo programBeta Fiveenhanced fusionGemini programgunhydrogen bombManhattan ProjectMercury programprinted circuitProject Herculesservosub-orbital warheadteleportteleportation unittransistortransistor radio
Academic disciplines
advanced electromagnetic theoryadvanced speculative physicsapplied thermonuclear energyastrophysicsbiologychemistryelectrical engineeringelectronicsexperimental chemistrynuclear fusionnuclear medicinenuclear theoryparticle physicsphysicsquantum engineeringquantum mechanicsthermonuclear integration



Other references

corporaldoctorateimmigrationmark 4 energy levelmastersmoviesNobel Prizepresidential electionromance languagesspysteaksuma cum lauditorturewineWorld War II


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  • Assignment: Earth (TOS episode) - This comic is the first in a spin-off miniseries based on this episode. The first page re-establishes the charters of Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln and Isis by replaying the closing scene of the episode.
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