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Security chief Zak Kebron.


Zak Kebron, a Brikarian Starfleet officer.

The Brikarians (also known as the Brikar) are a species native to the planet Brikar. (TNG novels: Worf's First Adventure, Line of Fire, Survival)

Biology and specifics[]

They have thick, rock-like skin that enables them to withstand and simply shake off disruptor blasts. Their strength is renowned -- if Zak Kebron (one of the very few Brikarians in Starfleet along with Titan officer Roakn) is any indication, they can easily lift several hundred kilos with little effort. Their equivalent of puberty involves a skin molting process wherein their old skin flakes off to reveal another surface underneath. They must wear gravity compensators in normal gravity, otherwise they'd be unable to move. Their hands have three fingers. Their average life-span is at least several hundred years. (TNG novels: Worf's First Adventure, Line of Fire, Survival)

On their home planet they didn't wear clothes. They were also long-lived. Zak Kebron was still physically fit by the year 2525, and had a young son attending school at that time. (NF - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "Stone Cold Truths")

They used to sleep standing. (NF novel: Martyr)

Brikar pilots used to self-destruct their vessels upon crashing. (TNG novel: Survival)

Kolker is a known deity or cultural hero to some or all Brikar. Zak Kebron was among the Brikars who are known to take Kolker's name in times of surprise or wonderment. (TNG novel: Survival)

Brikar military bases used to have elaborate mosaics on the walls, which depicted various mythical and historical fights of Brikar heroes. One such hero, Eldinsa'aar had fought against a horde of enemies single-handed for twelve days, the blood of his enemies painted the ground permanently red; this is how the name of the Eldinsa'aar Plains originated. (TNG novel: Survival)

Sometime during the 24th century, Sonek Pran negotiated with the Brikarians, and famously convinced them to open their planet's orbit. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Mirror universe[]

In the mirror universe, Zak Kebron was a close friend and confidante of the Thallonian lord Si Cwan in the 2370s. Kebron served as first officer aboard Cwan's ship Stinger in 2372. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

Nyyl Saygur was a bodyguard for Saavik, leader of Memory Omega, and Michael Eddington, Chairman of the Galactic Commonwealth during their talks with the Dominion in 2386. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

Known Brikarians[]

Rok-Tahk promo

Rok-Tahk of the USS Protostar.