Britt was an individual from early 21st-century Earth in another reality. She was a vampire and a field agent for Covert Vampiric Operations.


On a mission to contain a zombie outbreak, Britt herself contracted the zombie virus. She opened portals to four different dimensions, into each of which an aspect of herself traveled to spread the infection. Britt arrived on Calibus VII in the Federation's universe, where she pretended to help the cyberneticist Robert Durant Williams in his endeavor to create more human-like robots. The robots they built carried the zombie virus, which soon infected the planet's entire population. James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy arrived on the planet, and McCoy developed a serum to bring the disease under control. Britt's proxy fought with Kirk but tumbled into a vat of the serum, in which she apparently dissolved. (TOS comics: "Infestation, Issue 1", "Infestation, Issue 2")


Background informationEdit

  • The other Britt proxies have also invaded the Transformers universe and had a brief encounter with the Ghostbusters. It is also implied one of her proxies were killed by the G.I.Joe Pysche-Out.


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