Brog's heavy cruiser was a Tellar Space Administration heavy cruiser starship in service in the late 23rd century. (TOS - Burden of Knowledge comic: "A Matter of Perspective")


On stardate 7101.6 (2270), Brog's heavy cruiser responded to a distress call from the interstellar cruise vessel Lavota Wind and arrived shortly after the USS Enterprise at the red giant XG-36. Only wreckage remained of the Wind, and Enterprise's malfunctioning computer mistakenly identified the Tellarites as culprits for the civilian ship's destruction. Commander Brog was infuriated by the implication and opened fire on the Enterprise. His cruiser was technologically on par with the Constitution-class starship. Captain James T. Kirk appeased Brog when he suggested both ships compete in the investigation of the Wind's cause of destruction. Brog's crew yielded a detailed analysis and confirmed the loss of the Lavota Win was an accident. (TOS - Burden of Knowledge comic: "A Matter of Perspective")

Crew manifestEdit

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