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While Jean-Luc Picard, on the Enterprise, battles the Chalnoth, William T. Riker and his away team try to understand the unusual behavior of the creature. They free some of the cocooned USS Aquitaine and Chalnoth crew and learn that the creature may have been injured by the Chalnoth, causing her to destroy her own eggs and cocoon the humanoids as if they were her eggs. Picard manages to disable the Chalnoth ships while the away team subdues the Chalnoth landing party. Doctor Beverly Crusher sedates the creature, the cocooned crewmembers are rescued, and Crusher finishes up with some field brain surgery on the creature, to repair her injuries. Picard disavows any desire to meet the Chalnoth a third time.



William T. RikerJean-Luc PicardPathoxBeverly Crusherunnamed ChalnothUSS Enterprise-D personnel (unnamed USS Enterprise-D personnel

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USS AquitaineBludgeonerUSS Enterprise (Galaxy-class explorer)


Beta Scoraata II (Beta Scoraata star system)

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