For the primary universe counterpart, see Burgoyne 172.

In the mirror universe, Burgoyne 182 was the Hermat head of security aboard the Stinger. Burgoyne was very territorial and challenged M'k'n'zy when he boarded the Stinger with Soleta and Rojan. S/he attended a dinner with the Stinger senior staff and their Romulan passengers in 2372. During the dinner, s/he told a joke that Si Cwan found amusing.

Burgoyne discovered M'k'n'zy tampering with Mark McHenry, whose energy was being drained to power the Stinger. The two narrowly avoided getting into a fight, although Burgoyne did tell M'k'n'zy that if s/he found him there again, s/he would kill him.

Burgoyne was on duty outside the conference room while Si Cwan killed Falkar and Rojan. S/he then went to apprehend M'k'n'zy and Soleta, only to find that the advance guards s/he sent had been disarmed, and the two had escaped into the bowels of the ship. Burgoyne and hir guards found them with the slave Elizabeth Shelby. Burgoyne fired a blaster, wounding M'k'n'zy and Soleta, and killing Shelby. Shelby's death caused M'k'n'zy to go berserk and kill Burgoyne. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

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