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Log EntriesEdit

Personal Log, Counselor Deanna Troi, Stardate 48501.9. 
I am disturbed by some conversations I have had recently.
Three different crewmembers have come to me with concerns about. The first, from Lieutenant commander Data -- who dreamt that he was virtually alone on the
Enterprise shortly before it exploded -- seems to simply be the latest in the ongoing evolution of his dream program.
However Both Lieutenant Worf and Ensign T'Mor have also had vivid dreams.
Worf was remembering a traumatic childhood incident, which seemed to prompt a waking hallucination about Lieutenant Marla Aster, who died under Worf's command.
Again, this seemed a simple nightmare but this afternoon, T'Mor came to me and told of vivid nightmares. The odd thing in this case is that T'Mor never, in fifty-two years of life, ever had a nightmare, nor has she ever remembered any of her dreams.
Yet she remembers this one -- involving the death of her mother shortly before T'Mor joined Starfleet -- in perfect detail.
It is, of course, perfectly possible that this is a coincidence, but it might not be a bad idea to investigate all three patients further to see if there is some common factor uniting them.
It might be something common to them, or deriving from Damiano, the planet we are currently visiting.
All three have spent time on the surface -- and indeed will again tonight for Governor Ra'ch B'ullhy's inaugural dinner.
I will begin investigating after the dinner.
End log entry.



USS Enterprise-D personnelEdit

Linda AddisonBeneschBeverly CrusherDataHasellHorowitzHouarnerGeordi La ForgeLincolnLinznerRoy MurphyMel NisJean-Luc PicardPostWilliam T. RikerT'MorDeanna TroiWongWorf, son of Mogh


Ra'ch B'ullhyDu're C'ullhoGo'en C'ullhoEs'sca G'ullhoAs'si K'ullhoK'utMik'kaHa'rt M'ullhyMy'ahJe'tran T'ullh
Referenced only 
Marla AsterPad'gy D'ullhMar'na F'ullhyHo'nigMikelTo'rin

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


BarlinDamianoIaronMar'na Memorial StadiumOr'dov BuildingSewer (Damiano jail)

Races and culturesEdit

BetazoidDamiani (Hed'em'disol) • HumanKlingonVulcan

States and organizationsEdit

Federation CouncilHouse of MoghStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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capital citycaptainchief of policechief of securitychief of staffChovacommandercomputercounselordream recorderflagshipGhojmoHwI'glob flygovernor-electhyposprayinaugurationJudge Advocate Generallieutenantlieutenant commanderMok'baraPar'Mach'kaiplanetpolicered alertsecond officersenior staffSword of Mar'na F'ullhyTen-ForwardtricorderVISOR


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