C'Raal was a male Caitian Starfleet Intelligence officer, born circa 2240. He was schooled in Romulan and Orion languages, and had a security clearance 6 rating. Early in his career, he was stationed at Starbase 20. By the 2280s, he had reached the rank of lieutenant commander, and was assigned to Starbase 10 as station head of Triangle Sector Intelligence division's deep cover operations section.(FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

Service recordEdit

  • Starfleet Intelligence administration (2 years)
  • Starfleet Headquarters, Earth (3 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence support services, Triangle sector (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence administration (4 years)
  • Starfleet Intelligence, Starbase 20 (4 years)


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