A CCG is a type of game played with cards, usually identified as a customizable card game or a collectible card game.


The format of these card games were created as a new version of the traditional RPG (role-playing game), with cards that contained the same kind of information as an RPG module such as a sourcebook, but usually with a much simplified means of storytelling, foregoing a gamemaster or any other neutral, non-player position in the group playing. While traditional RPGs rely on random factors such as dice rolls, a card game's random draw from a shuffled deck provides the element of chance. The system of players having attributes that can be leveled toward actions in play is similar, with cards sometime using picture icons and numerical notations to show each element's attributes. The strength of each hand varies as cards are discarded or drawn, but it is possible for players to supplement their deck with cards that have strong attributes, giving them a particular advantage. Card manufacturers generally try to keep play fair by limiting the strong cards to lower print runs, thus making them rarer for those who pursue the cards as collectibles.

Star Trek, as a franchise, has licensed numerous cards and collectibles in this format.

Star Trek CCGs and setsEdit

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