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The Kyria was a Cardassian Galor-class vessel assigned to the Maelstrom and commanded by Gul Havar. In 2378, it was assigned to the Riha system to protect a Kessok Solarformer where it became the ship that controlled the Romulan cloaking device on it. The Kyria's destruction revealed the Riha Solarformer allowing the USS Sovereign, USS Geronimo and USS San Francisco to destroy it. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

Ship logs[]

Mission log of the Kyria: We have been assigned a defensive role for one of the four devices and are en route to the Riha system. Matan warned us to take every safety precaution as the Federation has two Sovereign-class vessels prowling this sector, making a fine mess of our carefully laid plans.
Kessok technology can't cloak ... objects of this size ... use the cloaking ... aquired from the Ferengi. After a few modifi ... succesfuly cloaked the device. For now it is linked to our ships ... soon we will link it to its own power source.


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