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The CDS Prakesh (CUW-8481) was a Galor-class battle cruiser in service in the 24th century for the Cardassian Union's Central Command. It was commanded by Gul Skrain Dukat in the 2370s decade. (CCG set: Deep Space Nine, card: "Prakesh"; Decipher RPG module: Starships)

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In the year 2371, the Prakesh rendezvoused with the USS Voyager and the CDS Vetar to take the latter's crew aboard after it was damaged in the Badlands. The Prakesh later towed the Vetar back to Cardassian space. (VOY novel: The Badlands, Part III)

In 2372, Gul Dukat commanded the Prakesh on a mission to remove the Detapa Council from Cardassia and the Klingon invasion and rendezvous with the USS Defiant, so that they could remain in safety in the Federation.

Unfortunately, the Prakesh was attacked by several Klingon vessels at the rendezvous point and destroyed. Fortunately, Dukat and the Council members were beamed aboard the Defiant before the final explosion. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior"; CCG set: Deep Space Nine, card: "Prakesh")



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