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In an alternate timeline created by Q by changing Earth history in 2024,[3] the CSS Leyton (NCC-73827) was a 25th century Confederation of Earth starship, a Steamrunner-class blockade runner escort[1] in Confederation Corps service in the 2400s decade. (PIC episode: "Assimilation")

Service history and disposition


Leyton in 2372.

In the primary universe, Vice Admiral Leyton was a Starfleet flag officer who perpetrated a coup d'état against the sitting Federation President Jaresh-Inyo in 2372. (DS9 episode: "Paradise Lost")

Active service

The CSS Leyton in 2401.

In the Confederation timeline, the Leyton was a military vessel named for his Confederation counterpart. The ship's NCC registry number indicated it was launched around the 2370s. At one point, the Leyton orbited planet in the Kinjer system. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

CSS La Sirena, rogue ship.

The ship was near Earth in the year 2401. During the Eradication Day ceremony, it appeared that Confederation President Annika Hansen and General Jean-Luc Picard absconded with the last surviving Borg. In fact, the minds of Seven of Nine, Picard and the Borg Queen from the primary universe occupied their counterparts and they fled aboard the Kaplan F17 patrol frigate CSS La Sirena. (PIC episode: "Penance")

Dougherty detonates.

As La Sirena attempted to escape Earth's orbit, the Confederation Corps launched the Leyton, Dougherty and Quinn to intercept the rogue La Sirena. Seven of Nine fired a photon torpedo at the Dougherty. The torpedo broke through the ship's deflector shields and detonated the Dougherty.

The remaining Leyton and Quinn pressed their attack but were destroyed soon after when the Borg Queen fired enhanced torpedoes at them. La Sirena escaped and performed a slingshot maneuver at Sol, travelling back in time to 2024 to undo this timeline. (PIC episode: "Assimilation")



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