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Phlox has been asked by Archer to decontaminate Daniels' cabin. In it, he discovers a device which sends him back in time a few minutes to when he entered the cabin and then back again, which he seems able to activate mentally.

Phlox returns to the cabin during the night, aiming to travel back twenty-eight years and save his one-time love Xesophia from drowning. Instead he goes back ten months, to when he first visited that cabin to treat Daniels' bunkmate Starrow for food poisoning. He encounters that timeline's Daniels who tells him that he can only travel back to a time when he was in the cabin. He attempts to return to his own time but instead ends up in his future, where he sees Tucker killed in a fight with a Nausicaan.

Phlox makes it back to his present, where he finds the device has gone and his interference in the timeline has been negated, and tells Archer he is not qualified for the job.

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Jonathan ArcherDanielsPhloxHoshi SatoStarrowCharles Tucker III
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Travis MayweatherPorthosMalcolm ReedT'PolXesophia

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