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The Excelsior has been sent on a follow-up mission to Stentor, a world the Federation has made first contact with, although only the ruling class, the Sensorial, are aware of this. The Sensorial are the ones who commune with the flute trees, which contain the whispers of their ancestors, and maintain a peaceful contemplative existence following a great war.

The Excelsior experiences a communications blackout and it becomes clear a dissident, Ghazi, has been receiving old Earth transmissions and believes them to be messages from the gods, forming a religion around them. He is broadcasting throughout the world using the flute trees as an amplifier, but this is wrecking them and also causing paranoia in the Sensorial.

Sulu sends science officer Terra Spiro undercover to shut down the transmissions, then beams Ghazi aboard the Excesior. This exposure to the truth results in him making peace with Sensorial leader Krandravex and beginning to spread the words of Sulu instead.



Ghazi (Voiced by Lee Wilkof)Kandravex (Voiced by Lynne Thigpen)Stuart Mulligan (Voiced by Simon Jones)Terra Spiro (Voiced by Maryann Plunkett)Hikaru Sulu (Voiced by George Takei)
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