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The Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook is a FASA RPG sourcebook, part of the starter pack for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. The book is part of the second edition Basic Set (FASA 2004) along with the Star Fleet Officer's Manual and Game Operations Manual. All three books, combined with the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, make up the deluxe set (FASA 2001).

Publisher's description

Orientation for All Cadets
This book provides basic information on the Star Trek universe. Some of the chapters give definitions of basic terms, and others give background information necessary to understand the systems, equipment, races, governments, and other parts of the universe in which the game is played. Fans of the series will be familiar with most of these terms and information, and newcomers will find this book valuable for giving their games a Star Trek flavor.


  • Introduction and Time Line
    • Orientation for All Cadets
    • Time Line of Star Trek History
    • Star Trek Terminology
  • Starfaring races
  • Governments
  • Encounters in Space
    • On First Sensor Contact
    • On Identification
  • Equipment
    • Personal Equipment
    • Sidearms
    • Medical Equipment
  • Shipboard Systems
  • Enterprise Personnel File
    • Command Personnel
    • Other Crewmen
    • Individual Data Records
  • The Story of Lee Sterling



Earth and Federation

Christine ChapelPavel ChekovChestertonD.W. DavidsonJack DelmarVincent DeSalleGarth of IzarHollisterCyrano JonesJames T. KirkAaron KlingWinston KyleAbraham LincolnJacqueline LopezJabilo M'BengaLeonard McCoyHarcourt Fenton MuddCasey O'ConnorParvenuJanice RandSarekSarloMontgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghSpockDave SterlingLee SterlingHikaru SuluUhura
Referenced only
Robert AprilNeil ArmstrongCarlosJohn ChristopherZephram CochraneAmanda GraysonKavendishEdith KeelerRoger KorbyJoanna McCoyGary MitchellChristopher PikeSanatGary SevenWilliam B. SterlingT'PallaLeo Francis Walsh




Referenced only
Guardian of Forever

Starships and vehicles

Earth and Federation

USS ConstitutionUSS HoodUSS LexingtonUSS Enterprise
SS Botany Bay (DY-100-class) • USS Daniel BooneUSS Mayflower


IKS DevisorIKS Klothos


battle cruiserscoutshuttlecraft


Cities and planetary locations

Luna CityScotlandJapan

Outposts and stations

Armstrong CenterCental Navigation BeaconFaraway Observation StationMemory AlphaStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Headquarters

Planets and planetoids

AndorAxanarCaitCatullaCoridan IIIEarthEdosKafta VIILunaNew ParisOrganiaOrion homeworldPlanet QPlutoS'sgarnonTalos IVTellarVulcan

Stars and star systems

AdharaAntaresAntosArgeliusAriannusBeneciaBetelgeuseCerberus systemCetus systemCochrane systemCygnia MirosDaranDeHaDenebIllyriaJanusMAOMarkusNovoe PetrogradRigelSolSpicaTautallusTheta system

Stellar regions

Galactic barrierOrganian Treaty ZoneRomulan Neutral Zone

States and organizations

Federation Academy of SciencesAndorian Stellar LeagueFederation CouncilGorn AllianceKafta VII Colonial GovernmentKlingon EmpireJudge Advocate GeneralOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireScience Council of LunaStar FleetStarfleet Colonial Operations CommandStarfleet Galaxy Exploration CommandStarfleet Merchant Marine CommandStarfleet Military Operations CommandTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited NationsUnited States of AmericaUnited States Air Force

Races and cultures


Ranks and titles

admiralassistant chief engineercadetcaptainchief communications officerchief engineerchief helmsmanchief medical officerchief navigatorchief petty officerchief science officerchief warrant officercommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officerengineerenlisted rankensignfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant junior gradelieutenant commandermaster chief petty officermedical officermidshipmannavigatornursepetty officerscience officerscientistsenior chief petty officersupervisortechniciantransporter chiefwarrant officeryeoman

Science and technology

agonizerartificial gravitybiocomputercardiostimulatorclass Mcommunicationscommunicatorcomputercryogenic sleepdeflector shielddiagnostic tablegenetic engineeringNomadsensorsubspace communicationtelescopetransporterwarp drive

Personal equipment

antigravcommunicatorearpiece receiverenvironmental suitID cardlife support beltlife support maskpsychotricordersubcutaneous transpondersciences tricordermedical tricorderuniversal translator


blasterdisruptornuclear weaponphaserphaser riflephoton torpedoweapon

Materials and substances


Fields of study



Axanar Peace MissionBabel ConferenceEugenics WarsFirst Alpha Centauri ConferenceFirst Babel ConferenceFour Years WarRomulan War

Treaty and law

Articles of the FederationFundamental Declarations of the Martian ColoniesOrganian Peace TreatyPrime Directive

Awards and decorations

Federation Medal of HonorFederation Medal of ValorKaragite Order of HeroismPalm Leaf of Axanar Peace MissionGrankite Order of TacticsPrantares Ribbon of CommendationSilver PalmStarfleet Citation for Conspicuous GallantryVulcan Scientific Legion of HonorLegion of HonorStarfleet Award of Valor

Other references

20th century23rd centuryAmerican historyasteroidasteroid beltbagpipebeambridgecreditcolonyFederation historyFrench languageGaelicGalactaharphelmKlingonaaselanding partyLatinmoonnewsfaxorbitOrion languagepilotplanetquadrantrankraces and culturesreference stardateRomulan languageRussianserial numberstandard orbitstarbasestardatestarstar systemstarshipSwahilisubspacet negativetechnologyTellarite languagethree-dimensional chesstreatyunidentified flying objectVegan choriomeningitisVulcan cultureVulcan historyVulcan languageVulcan lyrezero gravity


stardate -1/3011.19
Edith Keeler dies.
stardate -1/6701.25
USAF Captain John Christopher momentarily sights Enterprise.
stardate -1/6803.29
Gary Seven infiltrates an Earth nuclear weapon launch.
stardate -1/6907.20
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
stardates -1/9206 to 9609
Eugenics Wars.
stardate -1/9609.22
SS Botany Bay launched.
stardate -1/9704.18
American/Japanese moonbase built.
stardate -1/9904
Sol asteroid belt opened to colonization.
stardate 0001.01
Luna declares independence from Earth. Reference stardates begin.
stardate 2011.17
Contact lost with Nomad.
stardate 3605
Subspace communication theorized.
stardate 4202.25
First manned expedition launched to Alpha Centauri in a Bussard ramjet powered spacecraft.
stardate 4806.23
First contact with humanoid culture on Alpha Centauri.
stardate 4812
Scientist Zephram Cochrane formulates warp drive calculations, making lightspeed travel possible.
stardate 5507 through 5909
Experimental warp drive spacecrafts are tested by Earth and Alpha Centauri.
stardate 6201
The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies establishes independent government for off-planet Human colony settlements.
stardate 6201
Scientist Zephram Cochrane disappears.
stardate 6511
A warp drive probe encounters a Vulcan colony.
stardate 7104 through 7301
First commercial space ventures by Vulcan, Earth, and Alpha Centauri.
stardate 7308
First contact with Tellarites.
stardate 7511
First contact with Andorians, who attack an Earth crew. Vulcans convince the Humans to be wary of conflict with the Andorian Empire.
stardate 7703
The First Alpha Centauri Conferences.
stardate 7907
First contact with Orions.
stardate 8706.06
The First Babel Conferences see the drafting of the Articles of Federation.
stardate 9109
Star Fleet Academy founded.
stardate 1257.6
Lee Sterling saves Kafta VII from a potential asteroid impact.



  • Author credits
    • First edition game design and writing: Fantasimulations Associates (Guy W. McLimore, Jr., Greg K. Poehlein, David F. Tepool)
    • Second edition game design and development: W. John Wheeler, Jordan K. Weisman, Michael P. Bledsoe, Forest Brown, L. Ross Babcock III, Fantasimulations Associates
    • Second edition writing: W. John Wheeler


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