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Emblem insignia of Cait.

Cait is a planet, a class M world in the 15 Lyncis star system.

History and specifics

The indigenous population, the Caitians, joined the Federation in the 2270s. The Caitians call Cait Ferasa in their native language. Cait has 2 moons.

Cait is the second planet of twelve orbiting a moderate-sized yellow star. It is the only habitable planet in its system and has two moons, Rea and Sura.

The native Caitians are a distinctly feline race, and it is believed that they are the descendants of an ancient Kzinti colonization group. They are bipedal, with a thick orange mane, long tail, and large golden eyes that provide excellent low-light vision. The Caitian language consists of multiple soft tones, spoken with a deep, purring resonance; this style of communication makes it difficult for the Caitians to adapt to phonetic languages.

Caitians have excellent hearing, with a frequency range far beyond that heard by normal humanoids. For this reason, most Caitians who enter Starfleet specialize in communications and sonic sciences.

Unlike the Kzinti, the Caitian race is not hostile in nature. Their reputation as one of the most cooperative and intelligent members of the Federation makes Caitian crew members much sought-after throughout Starfleet.

The asteroid belt that lies between the fifth and sixth planets of the Caitian system is an abundant source of ores and valuable minerals, not the least of which is dilithium. Orbital refining platforms within the belt provide a large percentage of the dilithium crystals used in that area of Federation space. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

In the 2370s, Cait was represented on the Federation Council by Dynkorra M'Relle. (DS9 novel: Trill: Unjoined)



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