For the primary universe counterpart, see Cal Hudson.

In the mirror universe, Calvin "Cal" Hudson was a captain in the Terran Rebellion as well as commander of his own cell. He was an open supporter of Generals Zek and Bashir and an equally open critic of General Miles "Smiley" O'Brien. He accused O'Brien of being careless about who he appointed to command positions in the Rebellion, citing the loss of four camps established by the Defiant in a period of two months. He also had little trouble justifying the killing of Alliance civilians, comparing it with the actions of Alliance soldiers against slaves who openly rebelled.

In 2375, Cal sided with Zek and Bashir in the confrontation on Terok Nor between the Rebellion leaders over the plan to build new Defiant-class warships at Empok Nor and use them on a strike against Cardassia. Along with Kasidy Yates and several other Captains, he accompanied Zek aboard the Capital Gain to Empok Nor, during which time he admitted he had not come up with a name for his new ship. Shortly after arriving in the Trivas system, the crew of the Capital Gain was alerted to the presence of the Alliance vessel IKS Ya'Vang. Hudson was ordered to his ship, only for it and his crew to be destroyed during the Ya'Vang's attack run on the station. (DS9 novel: Saturn's Children)

After the victory of the Terran Rebellion in 2378, O'Brien mourned his death. (ST - Mirror Universe novel: Rise Like Lions)

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