The Calamarain are an intelligent species composed of thin wisps of gas that roams freely through interstellar space.

Approximately one million years ago, the Calamarain were known as the Coulalakritous, and engaged themselves in endless intellectual discussions. 0 attempted to seize control of the cloud-like creatures, and when they resisted, 0 compressed them into a small ball of ice, although Q, who was with him, stopped him from continuing to compress them to the point of a singularity. After about two thousand years or so, the Coulalakritous regained their gaseous forms and developed an extreme hatred of both 0 and Q. (TNG novel: Q-Zone)

In 2366, after learning that Q had been made human by the Q Continuum and was now on board the USS Enterprise-D, the Calamarain attacked the ship in order to capture Q and get their revenge. When Q attempted to sacrifice himself in order to save the Enterprise, the Continuum restored his powers, and Q, after being given a warning to not enact vengeance on them, sent the Calamarain away. (TNG episode: "Deja Q")

In 2374, after learning that the USS Enterprise-E was planning to breach the galactic barrier and inadvertently free 0, the Calamarain attacked the ship to prevent this from happening. 0 was eventually freed, but Q, convincing the Calamarain that they had a common enemy, united with the gaseous entities, and together they were powerful enough to defeat 0. (TNG novels: Q-Space, Q-Zone, Q-Strike)


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