Calan was a female Bajoran who lived in the 24th century. Calan held the rank of Ensign in Starfleet and served aboard the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise as a flight controller.

Calan lived on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation and lived in the Marjono prison camp, working in the kitchens. After being caught stealing food, Gul Makur used a knife to cut a triangular scar on Calan's shoulder. After Makur was killed by the Bajoran Resistance, Calan came to see the scar as a badge of honor. Calan later joined Starfleet and declined to have the scar healed.

In an alternate timeline created by Q, Calan's scar was healed by an anti-time anomaly in the Devron system. (TNG novelization: All Good Things...)

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