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The Federation starship USS Enterprise-D emits a power transfer beam to the weather modification net on planet Caldos II.

Caldos colony was a Federation colony located on the planet Caldos II.

History and specifics[]

The founders of the colony wanted to make it a replica of Scotland and thus had all of the cornerstones from each building brought from Scotland. Much of the colony's buildings, fashion and even vegetation were chosen specifically to remind colonists and visitors of the Scottish origins of Caldos.

The colony required a weather modification network in order to keep its climate stable.

As of the year 2370, the colony was governed by a non-Human named Maturin, although he and his family had spent time on Earth in Scotland. Many of the colony's inhabitants were Human, including Ned Quint and Felisa Howard, Doctor Beverly Crusher's grandmother. (TNG episode: "Sub Rosa")



Caldos colony
Caldos colony (Caldos II, Beta Octantis star system, the galaxy's Beta Quadrant)
Caldos residents Beverly Howard • Felisa HowardMaturinMcFlyNed QuintRonan (anaphasic energy lifeform) • Vader Federation icon image. the galaxy's Beta Quadrant icon image.
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