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The Calligar are a humanoid civilization, originating on a homeworld in the galaxy's Gamma Quadrant.


The Calligar inhabited a series of satellites, the Worldnet, orbiting a world in flame. Their home was only accessible to Federation vessels through a temporal rift called Brigadoon, that only opens once every 33.4 years.

Biology and characteristics[]

As a people, the Calligar were isolationist who followed Harmony and the Worldmind. They encouraged brothers and sisters to have children. When a Calligar reached his or her apex, they were "Thinned" and joined the Worldmind.


First contact with the Federation was made in the year 2254 by the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. Second contact with the Federation was made in 2287 by the USS Enterprise-A under Captain James T. Kirk. When the rift re-opened in 2320 the Federation failed to make contact due to the on-going Klingon-Romulan War. (TOS novel: The Rift)



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