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The Calypso was a Sovereign-class captain's yacht assigned to the USS Enterprise-E in 2376, as a replacement for the Cousteau.

In 2378, shortly after the Enterprise entered the Rashanar Battle Site, Captain Picard, Data, and Geordi La Forge, took the Calypso to investigate the wreckage of the USS Asgard. While the team were surveying the wreckage, two Androssi salvage scouts attempted to steal the Calypso. Their attempt was thwarted, but only one, a female named Ghissel was restrained. While Data and La Forge pursued the other, a man named Boenmar, Picard held Ghissel aboard the Calypso in restraints.

Ghissel was able to overcome Picard with a muscle toxin and took control of the Calypso and proceeded to rendezvous with the Androssi salvage fleet. Now under Androssi control, Ghissel and Boenmar outfitted the Calypso with a crude photon torpedo launcher, and set off with the Androssi fleet to secure the D'Deridex-class warbird, IRW Rom'drex. The attempt was stopped by the Enterprise, the USS Juno and the Ontailians, but the Calypso managed to escape by attacking and disabling the Juno.

Their reprieve was short lived, as the Calypso was soon being pursued by the shuttlecraft Hudson. The chase forced Boenmar to take the Calypso nearer to the gravity sink at the center of the "boneyard". It was here that the Calypso was disabled by the "demon flyer", then absorbed and copied. The original Calypso was then destroyed. (TNG novel: A Time to Be Born)

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