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Data's home at Cambridge University in an alternate timeline.

For other uses, see Cambridge.

Cambridge University, properly the University of Cambridge was a university located on Earth, in the city of Cambridge, England. Founded in approximately 1209, the school was one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on Earth.

The Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, or Lucasian Chair, was a mathematical professorship at Cambridge. The post was held by a number of notable humans in the field of science and mathematics, including Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

When Gary Seven infiltrated the San Lobos Atomic Research Facility in 1968, his false credentials claimed he had studied (or taught) at Cambridge. (TOS - Star Trek: Assignment: Earth comic: "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns")

In the 2270s, T'Viss was a research fellow in quantum physics at Cambridge. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Dr. Carol Abramowitz earned her Master's degree from Cambridge in the mid 24th century. One of her classmates was Gabriel Collins. (CoE eBooks: Remembrance of Things Past, Book I, Remembrance of Things Past, Book II)

In Q's anti-time future, circa 2395, Data held the Lucasian chair after leaving Starfleet. (TNG episode, novelization & comic adaptation: All Good Things...)

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