A camelephant was a large, domesticated mammalian species native to the planet Fayo. The animal appeared to have the head and neck of an Earth camel with the body of an elephant.

Background[edit | edit source]

These animals were 15 feet tall, brown, non-sentient, and had been domesticated by the Fayons as transportation. After climbing atop the animal with a ladder, two were able to ride on its back in a howdah while a driver lay on its neck steering with reins. The animals could tow equipment such as the framed wheeled glass spotlight used by Fayon troops to illuminate the jungle.

The animals were not armed, armored or otherwise used in combat. Attacks were made by foot soldiers.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2266, several patrols mounted on camelephants were dispatched by Emperor Bavoda to locate the missing Prince Yano and rebellion leaders. They were led by Colonel Lam, who secretly hoped he might kill the prince. Lam encountered Captain James T. Kirk with Yano riding Fayo ostriches in a clearing, and proceeded to attack them with his troops. Rebels fought Lam's soldiers, but they, Kirk and Yano were forced to retreat into the jungle where the huge animals would be less maneuverable. Spock and Montgomery Scott arrived at the last moment, which distracted Lam. Kirk fired his phaser, which spooked Lam's animal and knocked them them both to the ground, ending the fight. (TOS comic: "Prince Traitor")

The species' name is speculative. They were not referred to by name in the story.

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