Camenae was a female El-Aurian who lived during the 23rd and 24th centuries.

As a young woman Camenae was a friend of future USS Enterprise-D hostess Guinan. Guinan recalled Camenae as a poetic young woman who like to laugh a lot. All that changed when the Borg attacked El-Auria. Even though Camenae was not on the homeworld at the time, the loss of so many people profoundly affected her. Like other El-Aurians, Camenae became cold and distant.

By 2368, Camenae lived on Starbase 193 and was the owner of a bar called the Due or Die. With her business skills and underworld contacts she became a very powerful figure in the sector. Fond of station commander Estrella Miyakawa, Camenae worked hard to keep Miyakawa from uncovering hard evidence of criminal activity, fearing that Miyakawa would wind up walking out an airlock at the hands of some of her underworld contacts.

When the ancient Devil's Heart resurfaced, it started a deadly race amongst many of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant species to possess the item. The Romulan Taris decided to destroy Starbase 193 in order to attract the Enterprise to the area. Camenae was tipped off to this when communication with one of her operatives on the Smelter's Hold were cut off and all other contact was lost. She warned Commander Miyakawa of the Romulan threat, which allowed Miyakawa to conduct a complete evacuation of Starbase 193.

Camenae decided that she was tired of rebuilding her life and having it violently snatched away from her. She decided to remain on board Starbase 193, even though it would mean her death. Commander Miyakawa had also stayed on board, intending to go down with her station. Seeing Camenae still on board Miyakawa rushed Camenae into an escape pod, which they ejected just before the Romulans destroyed Starbase 193.

Following the departure of the Devil's Heart from the galaxy, Starbase 193 was rebuilt. Camenae returned to the new Starbase, and opened a new bar named the Do or Die. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

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