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The Cantino's sign, in Klingon and English

The Cantino was a bar on an Klingon space station K-7 in the Jhadaff system.

Rumor has it that the Cantino lies about the age of their Romulan ale. It is speculated that they mix all kinds of years together, and just change the label on the bottle.

In 2380, Alexander Munro and Jorge Gonzales had Krindo take them to the station, and the Cantino aboard an Idryll shuttle to meet with Omag. To get to Omag, Munro had to fight in hand-to-hand combat with a Nausicaan bouncer.

The bar had a dance stage, where two alien strippers danced.

There was also a backroom, which led to another bar. That year, a Klingon woman and a Andorian man were fairly certain they saw famous Risan musician Ardrek Luxor at the Cantino. (TNG video game: Elite Force II)