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The Capellans (Cereans) were a species of humanoids living on the planet Capella IV. They were a warrior tribe race led by the Teer. They look much like humans (albeit taller, with most Capellans being between six and seven feet in height) but are not actually human biologically, having some internal differences from the human form. (TOS novelization: Friday's Child)

Most Capellan names have a two-vowel form, with a slight pause in between each. For example, the name 'Akaar' is pronounced 'aka-ar'; 'Eleen' is properly rendered as 'Ele-en'; 'Maab' is spoken as 'Ma-ab'; and so on.

The Federation first made contact with the Capellans in the late 2250s, and because of the planet's position near the Klingon Empire, Starfleet decided to keep an eye on the Capellans and protect them.

In 2264, Dr. Leonard McCoy led a medical relief mission on behalf of Starfleet Medical to teach the Capellans to embrace medical technology and look after themselves, but after six months, little success was made because of Capellan pride and mistrust in technology. However, McCoy continued to remember Capellan traditions and would make use of them when he later returned to the planet.

In 2267, the Klingons had gained the trust of a tribe leader named Maab, and persuaded him to kill Akaar, the teer, and take his position as leader. However, thanks to Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and McCoy of the USS Enterprise, Akaar's widow, Eleen, and unborn son (later named Leonard James Akaar after his rescuers) are taken to safety.

The Enterprise crew managed to thwart the Klingons' efforts, which led to a pitched ground battle between the Capellans and the Klingons, with the Federation's help defending Capellan land. (TOS novels: My Brother's Keeper, Book 3: Enterprise and Invasion!, Book 1: First Strike; also TOS novelization: "Friday's Child", Star Trek 3)

In James Blish's novelization of "Friday's Child", the Cereans are actually described as human, descendants of an Earth colony founded centuries ago. However, no mention of this is made in the final episode; indeed, the episode specifically says that Capellans are not human, but do resemble them physically.


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